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Welcome to O2 GIS

O2 GIS - Spatial analysis of our natural resources.

When faced with a question relating to the management of natural resources, the answer is usually out there, hidden amongst a number of disparate geographic data sources. At O2 GIS, our mission is to find the data and tease out the answer. This allows you to make spatial decisions based on knowledge, not hunches.

We focus on GIS analysis of our natural resources, including surface water (flooding and water quality), groundwater, ecological systems, soils, and geology, contaminant fate and transport modelling. We work across all sectors, including linear infrastructure, mining and gas, residential and industrial development, policy and land-use planning.

It's our focus that sets us apart. By dedicating our efforts to spatial analysis of natural resources, we can align our recruitment, training, research and development of intellectual property and systems to this field. The outcome of this is a company that knows what it does and does it very well.

Come to us when the spatial question is big and the answer important.

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